These are genuine case studies provided by people affected by the cross border issues.

Case Studies

"My Doctor called on me at home and decided that I needed to go to hospital immediately. She phoned the Welsh Ambulance Service to request transport, and was told that since I lived in Gloucestershire she should request the Gloucestershire Ambulance Service to come. This she did and was told that they would not be able to respond for about two hours. She suggested that I should get a friend to take me to the Gwent which said they had a bed for me. She then said that we should go down the A48 to Newport and that if I felt worse to dial 999 and the Welsh Ambulance Service would then take me. WE do have a Welsh Post code NP16 and our Doctors are a Welsh registered Practice" - Tidenham resident

"I can't use my bus pass in Wales. It stops at Chepstow" - Brockweir resident

"My 9 year old son cut the tendons on his left hand in March 2012, rendering three fingers dysfunctional. A few days following the decision to cut all choice in hospital preference for patients of the Wye Valley Practice at the St.Briavels surgery a referral was made to Swansea (Morriston) a 150 mile round trip from home. The consultant at Morriston indicated that there would be a long wait before the first of two operations necessary. This was estimated at between 6 - 9 months to begin with though subsequent estimates by our GP suggested more than 18 months. No date was given. Parents would need to stay over night during both operations increasing the expense to find overnight accommodation nearby. We have no family support in Swansea. The alternative, which we wanted from day 1, was to be referred to Frenchay where the best hand surgeons in the country would probably operate within 4 months. We have family in Bristol and the round trip is less than 50 miles.

Because the emphasis of the Aneuran Bevan Trust appeared to be to improve the Welsh Health Service, and rejecting our appeal to do what was quickest, easiest and more economical for our son, we have registered with a local English practice, refusing to be used in this way." - St. Briavels resident

Case Studies



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